Pakistan Study Centre

University of Peshawar


Volume: 56, January-June 2020


1. A Tale of  Two Leaders: Jinnah-Suhrawardy Relations During Freedom Movement 

Farooq Ahmad Dar

2. Tourism Revival Through Customer Relationship in Swat, Dir and Chitral Triangle 

Qadar Bakhsh Baloch

Sourath Maher

Syed Mohsin Ali Shah


3. Quaid-i-Azam and the Muslim Identity in South Asia


Sajid Mahmood Awan


4. Evaluation of Judicial Independence in Pakistan (2008-13)

Ghulam Zikria

Yasmin Roofi


5. Pakistan Research Journal: A Bibliometric Study (2005 – 2018)

Mohammad Hussain



6. Bakht Jamal's Anti-Imperialist Struggle Against British Raj in the Company of Pakhtun Social Reformers 1914-1938

Majid Ali

Khan Faqir


7. Wifaq Ul Madaris Arabia: Performance, Procedure and Ties

Fakhar Bilal

Mujeeb Ahmad


8. Phonological Variations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A Study of Yousafzai and Afridi Dialects of Pashto 

 Akbar Ali

 Muhammad Ilyas



9. Understanding Gendered Dynamics in Pakhtun Society Through Life History and Works of Khushhaal Khan Khattak

Amna H. Mobeen

Hanif Khalil


10. Iskander Mirza: A Profile

Yunas Khan

Ashfaq Ali


11. Afghanistan Domestic Political Issues and its Impacts on Pakistan

Huma Qayum

Faima Munawar Cheema


12. A Study of Legal Aid Accessibility and English Language in Pakistan

Ayaz Ahmad

Sana Hussan


13. International Broadcasters’ Role in Formulation of Public Opinion on War Against Terrorism: A Case Study of VOA and BBC Severices for Afghanistan and Pakistan

Syed Inamur Rahman

Syed  Naeem Badshah


14. Turkey’s Humanitarian Actions in Afghanistan and Pakistan: A Policy Alternative for Conflict Resolutions

Usman Khan

Ertan Efegil


15. Quality of General Elections 2018: An appraisal in light of National and International Election Observers’ Reports


Shahbaz Khan


16. تحریک پاکستان اور مولانا مودودیؒ : تحقیقی جائزہ


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