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Volume 50, 2014

Foreign Language Learning Orientations: The Case of Pakistan
Maria Isabel Mandonado Garcia

The US War on Terror and the Drone Attacks in FATA, Pakistan 
Zakir Minhas & Alataf Qadir

Operationalising the Theory of Party Identification in the Electoral Politics of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A Case Study of General Elections 2013
Dr. Famanullah, Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam

Nature and Functioning of Local Government in the British India (1680-1947)
Sajid Mahmood Awan & Nemat-e-Uzma

Role of Maritime Sector in Pakistan’s Economic and Security Development
Sajid Hussain, Dr. Muhammad Ayaz Khan & Dr. Abdul Rehman

Security and Drone Attacks in FATA: Legal Aspects
Dr. Amna Mahmood & Mrs. Nadia Awan

FATA: At the Threshold of Change
Anwar Shaheen and Nazish Khan

Voice of Peace From FATA In The Context of Pashto Poetry (Post 9/11 Situation)
Dr. Hanif Khalil

The Man who Changed Political thought of Muslim India: Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk
Prof. Abdul Sattar Khan

Post US withdrawal Scenario in Afghanistan: Impact on Peace and Development in FATA 
Muhammad Zaheer Khan

Relationship between Teachers’ Competencies and Motivation at Higher Education level in Pakistan 
Dr. Fakhra Aziz, Dr. Muhammad Saeed Akhtar & Dr. Muhammad Rauf 

Struggle for Islamic State and Society: An Analysis of Syed Ahmad Shaheed’s Jihad Movement 
Dr. Sultan Mahmood, Hafiz Nasiruddin & Dr. Muhammad Rizwan

Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum’s Ministry in NWFP (KPK) April – September 1937 
Dr. Kishwar Sultana

Religious Hatred in the Early Phase of Sikh History: Focus on the Muslim-Sikh Relationship during Mughal Era 
Dr. Akhtar Hussain Sandhu

Hindrances in the Way of Education in FATA: An Appraisal 
Khan Faqir

Freedom Struggle In Colonial India: Jehad of Maulvi Fazal Elahi 
Dr. Zahid Shah, Prof. Dr. Jehanzeb Khalil & Dr. Ayaz

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